We Choose What We Worship

worship choiceEveryone is designed with an instinct to worship and to be reverent, but the object of your worship and reverence is up to you. Many people are not necessarily conscious of this. They adopt whatever belief system was passed down to them and never make informed decisions about what they worship. Or, others may not have any kind of organized belief system, and turn the center of their worship to something they simply enjoy or value tremendously. The more conscious you are of what it is that you worship, the better off you are.

Those who worship something in an organized, conscious and deliberate fashion are usually religious. This does not mean that all religious people have a healthy practice of worship. Obviously, some religious people do not exercise any real intelligence or spirituality in their religion. What this means is that the most conscious form of worship takes place in either a religious or deeply spiritual context because it is the type of worship that require the most thought and understanding.

Then there are those who worship in a loosely focused way. They worship what they are passionate about, or what they derive a sense of reverence from, such as nature or art. These things inspire feelings of spirituality within them. They have not necessarily organized their thoughts on why they are moved to a sense of spirituality, they simply know that they have reverence toward something, so it becomes the object of their worship, meaning they devote their time, money, thoughts and energy into it.

And lastly, there are those who are grossly misplacing their sense of worship by focusing it on something unworthy of worship, such asĀ an addictive substance or process. This often has more to do with not thinking carefully than it does making defiant decisions. Everyone has things they crave and struggle to personally moderate, but when the object of addiction becomes a person’s object of worship, it is best they rethink their priorities right away.