Reasons why people find it hard to handle addiction

Addiction refers to the continued involvement in an act that is disadvantageous to the body in different ways. You’ll discover that addicted individuals are aware there are ongoing changes in their body, but they are powerless to stop themselves from continuing in the addiction.

For some addicted individuals, they dream of a sober life but they don’t know how to, because they don’t have the right source of help around them.

Below are some reasons why people cannot control their addiction:

Peer pressure

Peer pressure is one of the reasons why people get addicted and it is another primary reason why people remain addicted.

When you move with addicted people, they directly and indirectly encourage you to sustain your addiction. And it would be challenging for an individual to pull out when their peers are deeply involved.


For some addicted individuals, they have no idea that they are addicted. If anyone tells them they are addicted, they would refute such claims instantly. To them, they feel they are satisfying themselves instead. This particularly applies to those who have behavioral addiction.

There are some addiction types like sex addiction, gaming addiction, shopping addiction etc. These forms of addiction are behavioral types and it is normal for someone who is addicted to any of them not to be aware.

Fear of the Unknown

Some individuals cannot imagine their lives outside addiction, so they would rather not try to explore that part. The reason is because, they don’t believe their life will be normal when they are not addicted. To them, their addiction is the new norm and they have come to accept it.

What such people need is for someone who is vast in the addiction process to explain to them. They need to realize that the life after addiction recovery is better than the life within addiction recovery.

If you are struggling with addiction or you know someone who is, it is best to seek help or assist them in finding professional help.