We all have a basic idea of what addiction involves, and we are aware of the fact that, it gets to a point where we totally submit to it, and allow it to rule our lives.

Even though you believe in God or not, you need to be aware of the fact that, there are some things in your life which you might treat as God, and addiction is one of them.

It is enlightening to know that, addiction fills in for the role which God is meant to play in your life.

When it comes to addiction, people feed it; serve it; focus on it; crave after it, and they get emotional over it. This is wrong because we are meant to do these things to God and not our addiction.

An addicted person serves his or her addiction with the entirety of their lives. Their way of life is an attestation to the degree of love of their addiction.

They plan their time around it, they have a particular budget for it, and when discussions are being held with family and friends, you try to introduce the concept of your addiction into it.

The way we were created, our lives were meant to revolve around God, however, the sad part is, it revolves around addiction for the addicted people, and this birth unhealthiness.

God should be your ultimate focus, and there is an important need of submitting to him, instead of addiction. When you make addiction your primary focus, it makes your life skewed, and it becomes difficult for you to make the right priorities out of your life.

During the course of addiction, it would be difficult for you to control your cravings, and it sucks in your energy on a gradual basis.

However, the case is different when you crave God, you seek him, and owing to the fact that he is in the spiritual state, he continually renews you.

So, which would you opt for, a profound relationship with God, or a life riddled with addiction. N